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Watch Hamptons Homeowners Critiquing Each Other's Abodes

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"Four Houses," TLC's new home competition show, recently hit the Hamptons. The show involves invites a quartet homeowners to "preview, critique and score each other's homes for the chance to win $10,000 and an opportunity to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine." Don't know if the owners of multi-million dollar residences on the East End really need the money (we hope they donated it), but the bragging rights probably go over well at cocktail parties. Oddly, one of the homes featured belongs to "Family Life Teacher" Anastasia Gavalas and was actually the Hampton Designer Showcase house for 2007 (Rental price this season? $475K). We're not certain how much of decor has changed since 2007, but seems like it may have given her a leg up in the "competition."

And, proving the old adage that money can't always buy taste, there's also this little lip-filled number that happens to feature a rather interesting vase.

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