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Tony Art Dealer Lists Spectacular $40M Lily Pond Estate

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Nothing gets our heart pumping faster than new real estate on the iconic Lily Pond Lane. And that's why this freshly listed oceanfront property makes us real ecstatic. The spread's asking an even $40 million, which means it's trying to accomplish what Jerry Della Femina's nearby home couldn't. Drama! But the home's picturesque facade, detached carriage house, and renovated pool might just help it get there.

The estate currently belongs to ex-art dealer Bernard Goldberg. Goldberg recently announced his departure from the art scene, which was accompanied by a massive Christie's auction "estimated to fetch as much as $10 million." This brings us to another Della Femina comparison: just like Jerry abandoned his namesake East Hampton restaurant, Goldberg also shuttered his East Hampton gallery. Looks like Lily Pond is destined for a new legion of high-rollers.

· Listing: 207 Lily Pond Lane [East Hampton]