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Readers Share Their Thoughts On The "New" Montauk

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Our timing for last week's open thread question was rather fortuitous. Between the grand opening announcement for No. 50 at The Montauk Beach House, Shark Attack Sounds drawing too big a crowd, and Courtney Love...uh...gracing the area with her presence over the holiday weekend, it's hard to argue that Montauk hasn't changed much (this all went down in the last week, mind you). But is that necessarily a bad thing? According to most of our readers, the answer is a resounding "YES!"

"Few people smile and say hello anymore. Crossing the street is dangerous and not everyone slows or stops. Trash is everywhere. For God's sake people, if you like coming to Montauk so much, toss your butts and trash into a proper receptacle. Like maybe your silly hats (sorry, could not pass on that one). There is more litter on the beach, left by disrespectful visitors (OK, and MAYBE locals but I have NEVER seen that happen.)"

"The changes in the village are all good as far as I'm concerned. When every last ramshackle motel meets the wrecking ball, that will be true progress. There is so much stunning natural beauty around the lighthouse, the point, Camp Hero, Shadmoor........I am happy that these parts of Montauk haven't changed and wlll remain preserved."

"This new breed of city dwellers that are coming out here are rude, self important, and disrespectful to the people who live in Montauk as well as to our beautiful natural surroundings. I have never in my entire life (which has been spent on the east end) seen this many people in Montauk, been scared to walk my dogs on the street because of cars traveling 60 on my little 25mph street, or seen so much litter on the ground everywhere I go. Obviously there is nothing to do to stop these people from coming here but I wish there were some mandatory manners classes offered to them before they were turned loose on our streets."

"See ya back home after October 1, fishing is at it's best and everyone is mostly gone.. You want to be smart about the changes in MTK, update you house, rent it MD-LD , go on vacation and come back when all posers are gone. Ch-Ching!"

"When something or somewhere as so beautiful as Montauk, is threatened by "progress" it is not enough to make unproductive complaints. The folks who know and love Montauk best must get together and work towards its preservation. I come from a once nice 11 mile stretch of ocean and beach in NYC. It is criminal what the City of NY has helped it to become. People who loved it complained, but never solidly organized to save it from 'progress.'"

"We should have known that something was up when we went to Navy Beach for dinner (on the review in one of the local papers) and we were turned away (this was mid-week right after last summer's hurricane so there weren't so many around) because we didn't have 'reservations'. Or maybe we we weren't wearing the right shoes?"

"It is horrible now. I stopped going. Spoiled, rich kids who do nothing [but] toss daddys money around. Montauk is the new Meat Packing. Cheesy and horrible. You sold your soul Montauk."

"I lived in Montauk years ago and still have ties to the community and friends I remember when we lived in tents at the trailer park and wore no shoes in town we where real surfers not want to be's. Now I wait until after Labor Day to spend time there as much as I want to see my friends and have a great fish dinner I stay away. Sad that us real Montauk lovers are being pushed out of town. Hey maybe they will move on to Block next year......"

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