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An Expanded Carriage House, Decor (Hopefully) Not Included

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It's been a little while since we've seen a listing with interiors as...uh...busy as the ones found in this three-bedroom in Amagansett. It's like the owners?"a noted designer and his wife"?went to a home store and said "yes." However, if you can get past the clash of colors, fabric choices and questionable decorations (there's a ceramic Christmas tree on the kitchen counter), this might actually be a nice little place.

Weighing in at just under 1800 sq. ft., the $1.75M home offers slate flooring, a sunroom with Anderson sliders, mahogany floor, and cedar walls, a galley kitchen with brick floor and radiant heat, a new roof, a heated gunite pool, established landscaping, and a newly updated master bedroom suite. Its on-Montauk-Highway location might be a turnoff for some?it's set on 1.65 acres between 27 and the train tracks?but the flag lot parcel and tree growth in the backyard should hopefully go a long way in dampening any associated noise. Thoughts?

· 641 Montauk Highway [Corcoran]