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Something For The Pooches; Blessing Of The Fleet; More!

We'll be publishing The Weekender every Thursday afternoon* throughout the summer. Got an event you think readers need to know about? Email us!

Don't know what to do this weekend? Fret not, dear reader. We've scanned our inbox (and the Internet) for a few events that might be worth checking out. Enjoy!

RISING STARS PIANO SERIES FINALE (25 Pond Lane, Southampton Village)

If classical music performed by frighteningly talented teenagers is your thing, you might want to make time to see Qi Xu on Saturday at 7pm. Qi, a 17-year-old virtuoso pianist from China will be playing works from Liszt, Chopin and Stravinsky's Petrushka. He has won competitions in Ukraine, Germany, Morocco and China and has performed in Poland, France, Spain and the US. [LINK]

13TH ANNUAL SCHOOL'S OUT BENEFIT (189 Further Lane, East Hampton]

If the Ross School's Starlight benefit last weekend wasn't enough to sate you charity event appetite, this year's benefit for the Hetrick-Martin Institute might do the trick. Scheduled for Saturday from 6 to 8:30 at the home of Peter Wilson and Scott Sanders, the soiree will provide guests the opportunity socialize with the youth members and hear stories about how HMI has changed their lives. Just leave the checkered shirts at home. [LINK]


On Sunday, if you haven't begun the arduous trip west, make your way out to Montauk Harbor from 5pm to 7pm for the annual Blessing Of The Fleet. Boats of all sizes and shapes will be lined up to be blessed by local spiritual leaders. Known for the ship-to-ship water fights, the event is always fun, family-friendly, and, perhaps best of all, free. [LINK]

REALITY STARS DOING THINGS (East Hampton and Bridgehampton)

Andy Cohen, the man responsible for The Real Housewives series will be at Bookhampton's East Hampton location on Saturday at 8pm to discuss his new book Most Talkative and apologize for creating The Real Housewives. [LINK] Speaking of the housewives, the Manzo family (of New Jersey) will be making an appearance at King Kullen from 1 to 3 on Saturday. They'll be giving away samples of something called blk., a vile looking water that's been turned black due to the infusion of fulvic acid.

PET FEST (2368 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton)

Those with an affection for canines (their own or in general) might want to consider checking out PetFest at the Bridgehampton Historical Society Museum on Saturday. Beginning at 10am, the event will feature demonstrations, guest speakers, an Animal Art Gallery, a silent auction, live interviews for "Let's Talk About Animals TV Show" and exhibits. It's $10 to get in (children under 12 get free admission). [LINK].

PAWS ACROSS THE HAMPTONS DOG WALK (151 Windmill Lane, Southampton)

Holding a competing pet-centric event on Saturday is the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation. At 10am, you can help feed and care for the dogs, cats and critters of the shelter by strutting with your pup, family and friends. The proceeds (the entry fees start at $30) also benefit the Southampton Hospital, so you'll be doing a solid for the human population as well. [LINK]

* Sorry this one's a little late. We've been battling the flu the last few days.