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Sagtown Replaces Java Nation, Might Be More Upscale

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Sagtown, the upscale coffee shop that has replaced the longtime, less upscale Sag Harbor installation Java Nation, is, as of Memorial Day weekend, open. They're running a La Colombe brew program (here's an early menu), including a La Marzocco machine and, crucially, Pure Black cold press offered by the bottle. And, insomuch as all this, especially the Pure Black, may actually translate into a higher quality coffee product for Sag Harbor, landlord Bruce Slovin must be pleased.

But, what about devotees of sweet, evicted Java Nation? The coffee roasting smell, 17-plus years in business, the decline and fall of Sag Harbor. They have just reopened in Bridgehampton and a report from there will follow. Meantime, via the Sagtown tumblr, the newbie's general manager, Adam Fronc, weighed-in on the Java Nation fuss:

The truth is, that through the gossip, and mixed reactions from hundreds of people I spoke with about this topic, I still have yet to learn what actually happened. That’s why I am a fresh eye coming in, letting the supposed drama go, hoping to be accepted in the community, as well as embraced, and I aim to deliver fully in return.

I am solely based on customer service, and I really want to create beautiful moments in my store.

And at least one local, Katie Lee, is down with it. Quote unquote, via Instagram, “new fave coffee shop in Hamptons." What say you? Can Sag Harbor survive the changing of the coffee guard? Does the fact that Sagtown is serving legitimately better coffee soften the blow?

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