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Lennox President Lines Up A Buyer For His Shelter Island Home

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While we'd like to think that it was Shelter Island's new porta-potty that inspired someone to purchase this $9.95M six-bedroom on Coecles Harbor, it's a pretty safe bet that March's $1M pricechop should get most of the credit. Well, the 6800 sq. ft. home and two acres of waterfront property probably played some type of role too.

The house is certainly lovely, but the most striking thing about the in-the-works sale is just how long it's been on the market. If StreetEasy is correct, Lester Gribetz (current Lennox president and former vice chairman of Bloomingdale's) first put the place up for sale back February of 2005 and left it there for over seven years. We reached out to the broker to see if this is just a site glitch or the Gold Coast-inspired home has really been looking for a buyer for the better part of a decade. We'll make sure to update if/when they respond.

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