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Great Big Great Plains House To Triple Size of Predecessor

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Looks like the impressive property at the intersection of Great Plains Road and Halsey Neck Lane is finally going to get the attention it deserves. After sitting vacant for a few years, the 1.8-acre spread just sold to no-name investor 291 Great Plains Road for $6.3 million (quite a feat since it last traded for $6.8 million) and is now set for a sizable new spec house.

The new home will weigh in at 11,000 square feet, making it nearly three times the size of the one-story modern home that used to occupy the land. Builders gonna build, y'all. So what's the going rate for all that additional square footage? An even $18 million. Given that the nearby Westlawn estate sold for $13 million back in 2010, this might not be all that outrageous. And the traditional living space just might be worth it.

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