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18,000-SF Meadow Lane Rental Charges $800 an Hour

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Sited near the tip of super exclusive Meadow Lane is this colossal oceanfront rental. The property happens to be available for July for $275,000, but we're far more interested in the short-term option. For $137,500, a lucky renter gets the keys for an entire week's worth of Southampton sunshine. Yup, like a classy hooker or a fancy lawyer, this rental also charges about $800 an hour.

The property belongs to media executive Michael Loeb and his wife, Margie. They picked up the nine-acre spread in 2003 for $21 million, and built the 18,000-square-foot home a few years later. But does it have enough bells and whistles to explain the staggering rental fee?

This oceanfront home is about as decked out as they come. It boasts 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, two media rooms (because why not?), pool and tennis, an attached guest house, and all the other normal fixings. But then there's children's play area, which includes a playhouse version of the main house and a zip line. Keeping up with the Jones is pretty much not even an option on Meadow Lane.

In addition to these amenities, the property has also hosted some pretty impressive parties. The Phoenix House Summer Party took place there a few times, which means the likes of Brett Ratner, Beth Ostrosky, and Randy Jackson have all rubbed elbows on the manicured lawns. And chances are whoever rented this place in the past has some pretty impressive credentials too.

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