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Reader Comments

The first full week of the season saw an incredible number of readers not hesitant to share their thoughts (in comment form). Here's a rundown of the more memorable ones:

MIGHT BE A LITTLE OVERPRICED: "I laughed so hard when I saw this listing & the price, the iced tea shot right through my nose and all over the desk. Thank you Prudential, best chuckle I've had all day."

NOT A BIG FAN: "I just have to point out again the orange cones and red velvet ropes in front of the near empty restaurant last weekend. And yes, the place was open. They should rename it "the go away we don't want your kind here bar & grille" (that's grill with an e)."

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND: "It sounds like it really depends on where you were. Out in Montauk? Swamped. East Hampton or Southampton? Dead dead dead. I was EH and was pretty underwhelmed by what I saw. The humidity didn't help much, either."

MAKES HOMER GO SOMETHING SOMETHING: "Couldn't agree more with the commenter. And the worst offense of all, NO BEER!!!"

In case you haven't checked out last week's open thread, there's a nice little discussion about the area's pricing problems going on. It's worth taking a look.