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Big Reveal: How Much To Buy This Six-Bedroom In East Hampton?

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Location: 53 Toilsome Lane, East Hampton
Asking Price: $3,950,000

Our first PriceSpotter home in several months that wasn't a rental saw a handful of guesses that all seemed fed up with the current pricing situation in the Hamptons. The first estimate set the tone saying that the owners are probably asking $2.5M now which would drop to $2.2M next year. Another figured they were looking for $3.5M, but were hoping for $2.5M. The only reader that came close (both before and after this weekend's pricechop) was the one that offered $4M. Even then, though they "love the house," they thought it was an unrealistic amount.

Keep in mind, the point of the game is to guess what the house is asking, not what would it should be.

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