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The Irish Times Profiles Cyril Fitzsimons, Strikes Gold

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The Irish Times has a pretty incredible profile on one of the Hamptons' most well known (and beloved) characters: Cyril Fitzsimons. The whole thing is full of worthwhile tidbits about the owner of Cyril's Fish House in Montauk, but here are just a few of our favorites:

"With four gold front teeth, roughly $200,000-worth of jewellery on him at any one time, long blond hair and a cigarette in his hand (always – he smokes four packs a day), Fitzsimons (68) is an unmistakable presence in the Caribbean-style restaurant."

"'I'm getting old, I want to give the body a rest,' he says. 'In the Caribbean, I go to war. I drink about a bottle and a half of rum a day.'"

"Everything was going well until Fitzsimons was arrested for possession of explosives in 1972, as Ireland's own conflict was in full swing. He skipped bail and went to Spain for 12 years, until the statute of limitations took effect."

If you only know Cyril from seeing him at the "office"?his table at the entrance of the fish house?you really need to give this profile a read. · An unmistakable presence in the Hamptons and the Caribbean [Irish Times[]