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East Hampton's 34 Old Orchard Lane Is In Contract

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Another one of our favorite listings has successfully found a buyer. This time around it's this recently completed modern on Old Orchard Lane in East Hampton.

The last time we wrote about this $4.995M "modern sensation," the only images available were renders that, looking at the listing photos now, did not do the place justice. This finished home is all sorts of stunning. Looking at its "natural stone walls, landscaped courtyards, warm organic earth tones, oak flooring, integrated sculpture gardens with fountains and a massive covered terrace" it's easy to see why the place found a buyer almost as soon as the wrapping came off. Adding to the home's allure is the decor, which we're assuming is included with the sale based upon the brokerbabble's phrasing: "Beautifully appointed with an extensive modern art collection and the finest of carefully curated modern lifestyle furnishings."

Now comes the hard much do you think the lucky, about-to-be-new owner has agreed to pay for the place?

· Listing: 34 Old Orchard Lane [Prudential Douglas Elliman]