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Whole Foods Taps Local Vendors, Probably Gone Come Fall

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The business at the Whole Foods FARM Stand (still don't understand that capitalization, but whatever) hasn't exactly been brisk since it launched shortly before Memorial Day weekend. We've yet to see the snarled traffic, packed parking lot and long lines that many predicted (us included) would materialize when it was announced they were opening in Wainscott for the summer.

That's probably why they're really going all out to make sure that it's known they use local vendors for much of their product. According to this week's East Hampton Star, placards showing the names of farms and vendors whose produce and goods the chain is selling are displayed indoors and, just last week, some of those merchants set up in the parking lot hoping to increase awareness.

All this local outreach and consumer education may be for naught, though. A throwaway line from the Star article all but says they won't be back:

"The food chain opened the Wainscott location as a trial site, though the property owner's plans apparently lean more toward a chain drug store there once the season ends."Not exactly what everyone was hoping to hear, but at least they'll have more parking than the CVS in East Hampton. · Whole Foods Tries Local Outreach [EH Star]