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Go Behind The Scenes Of "Designers, Decorators and Dealers"

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You haven't forgotten about Plum TV, have you? Their output of new content may have slowed considerably since filing for bankruptcy in late 2011/early 2012, but after being acquired by the founders LXTV, you can't count them out just yet.

This Saturday at 8pm, they'll be premiering "Plum All Access: Inside Designers, Dealers and Decorators." The behind-the-scenes look highlights all the madness (rich people running!) that went down at the DDD earlier this summer. Keep an eye out for Aida Turturro, Edie Falco, and others "as they compete with each other for the best sales and get giddy for weird antiques."

For those that don't get Plum TV, you'll also be able to watch the show on currently redirects to their YouTube channel. Guess the new owners are still figuring out how to "Live The Good Life" and still turn a profit.

· [Official Site]