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The Deets On This Year's Hampton Designer Showhouse

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When we announced that this six-bedroom gambrel-style home in Water Mill would be this year's Hampton Designer Showhouse, the commentariat was less than impressed with both the home itself and its right-off-of-27 location. "Another cookie cutter putting lipstick on a pig. Can't they come up with a truly unique house in an amazing location off the beaten track, or is that asking too much!" was how one reader responded to the reveal.

However, there was at least one commenter that seemed to realize that sometimes charity trumps real estate sales: "It's much less about the house than the designers. At least this place is easy to get to, unlike that Brick Kiln place a couple of years ago. Remember this is a charity event! Easy access is relevant..."

On that note, here's all the info you'll need to check the place out when it opens to the public on July 22nd.

What: The 12th annual Hampton Designer Showhouse to benefit the Southampton Hospital

Where: 80 Flying Point Road, Water Mill, NY

When: The house opens to the public on Sunday, July 22 and is available for viewing through Labor Day, September 3. Interested folks can be visit the home every day of the week between 11am and 5pm. Like everything out here, of course there will be preview. That goes down on July 21 from 6pm - 8:30pm.

How Much: General admission is $30. Children under six, infants, strollers and pets are not allowed (yes!). Tickets for the "gala preview party" are $225 a pop.

Who: Mario Buatta is the Honorary Showhouse Chairman. Mr. Jamie Drake and Ms. Alexa Hampton are the Honorary Design Co-Chairmen. This year's participants include: Audio Command Systems Inc., Bakes and Company, Cast Classics, Dyfari Interiors, LLC, Greg Mckenzie Design, House of Honey, Jeff Lincoln Interiors, Inc., Jennifer McConnell, Kate Singer Home, Katie Leede and Company, Lee Najman Designs, The Lee W. Robinson Company, Libby Interiors Inc., Lillian August, Lucille Khornak Photography, Mabley Handler Interior Design, Mark Humphrey Gallery, Mercedes Courland Design, Inc, Old Town Crossing, Patrik Lönn Design Inc., Robert Passal Interior & Architectural Design, Stephen Mooney Interiors, Tammy Connor Interior Design, Tara Seawright, Inc./interior design, Timothy Brown Studio

Why: Because all proceeds go to benefit the Southampton Hospital. And you're just dying to know how the designers have turned the "shingle style home into a decorating masterpiece."

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· Listing: 80 Flying Point Road [Corcoran]

Southampton Hospital

240 Meeting House Lane, Southampton, New York 11968