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In Springs, An Updated 1920s Cottage With A Modern Pricetag

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Though this home's 1600 sq. ft. of living space and .25 acre parcel are nothing to write home about, we have to admit that the sunset views of Three Mile Harbor must be nice. And we do kinda dig the place in general.

"Rebuilt from the ground up by Haddonfield Development," the three-bedroom cottage boasts all new appliances, dark wood flooring, a stone fireplace, "three distinctive outdoor living spaces" and a deep water dock capable of accommodating five boats. A few more pictures of the place would certainly be welcome, but we definitely like what we see from those included with the listing.

What's not so easy one the eyes? You guessed it: the pricetag. Although the brokerbabble notes that the place is "realistically priced" the $2.595M ask is screaming "pricechop a comin'!"

· Listing: Immaculately Rebuilt 1920's Cottage With Deep Water Dockage [Saunders]