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Reader Comments

The first official week of summer brought news of the Peconic Bay Water Jitney, some amusing brokerbabble, the owners of "The Legs" filing a lawsuit and host of other items that Curbed readers felt compelled to speak on. Here's just a few of the more memorable comments.

BROKERBABBLE, REVISITED: "...charming cottage... is a euphemism for very,very small. As a customer I find this kind of hype, somewhat insulting."

WHEN YOU'RE IN GREENPORT: "Visit Greenport Harbor Brewing, shop at Wm. J. Mills canvas for nice boat bags etc. as well as plenty of other nautical-themed shops and boutiques, dine at the Frisky Oyster or Noah's and enjoy waterfront clams and beers and ridiculous people watching (especially when the Bronx Navy pulls in) at Claudio's. The carousel is also great if you have kids. I haven't been to Vines and Branches, which sells unique olive oils and balsamic vinegars, but it's supposed to be pretty cool."

THEY'VE GOT "LEGS" AND THEY KNOW HOW TO SUE FOR THEM: "These women are publicity wheelers and dealers, and are milking this in order to promote themselves and their gallery. What gall."

MAYBE IN BERKELEY?: "Eco buyers are not going to be really hanging in the Hamptons."

THERE'S A REASON ITS NICKNAME IS "THE SHITNEY": "There's nothing like feeling you have the moral high ground to make people behave like d*cks."