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33-Acre Sagaponack Estate Hits The Market Asking $65M

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Who said there was a summer slowdown when it comes to real estate in the Hamptons? This 11,000 sq. ft. traditional on Sagg Pond just hit the market for a whopping $65M?making it the most expensive residence currently for sale on the East End. If it sells for that, it would become the highest price ever paid for a home out here.

The eight-bedroom manse offers everything you could possibly imagine that a place owned by a former executive at Goldman Sachs would have. A limestone entry hall? Yup. Soaring ceilings? Obviously. Separate workout studio? Spot me. Fireplaces? There's six of 'em. It's also got a wood paneled library, a media room, private decks galore and a screened in porch with built-in grill. And, of course, the place also has a heated gunite pool and a tennis court. We'd be shocked if it didn't.

While the house is, according to an employee of the place we spoke with yesterday, "absolutely gorgeous," what's really awe-inspiring is the 33 acres it's set upon. 33 acres! That includes "19 acres to the left of the driveway [which] are preserves." Much of the nearby beach also happens to be protected.

So...anyone got a spare $65M lying around?

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