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What's Going On With The Ballyshear Estate?

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[Photo credit: Jeff Cully, EEFAS]

Mayor Michael Bloomberg made headlines last summer when it was rumored he was purchasing the Ballyshear Estate in Southampton for around $20M. Oddly, we can't find any mention that the sale actually went through. In fact, PropertyShark still has Charles S. Holmes listed as the owner. According to the NY Post, the "deal involved layers upon layers of confidentiality agreements," so that might explain the lack of available info.

We mention all this because Jeff Cully, aerial photographer extraordinaire, snapped some photos of the property over the weekend and it looks like the place is in serious need of some TLC. The pool is half-empty and green, the lawn is hurting, the gardens aren't exactly in bloom, and a dirt path has spilled out onto the main driveway. Considering that it's the end of June, if NYC's billionaire mayor did purchase the place, there's a lot of work to do if he's got any intention of using it this season.

Anyone out there in Curbed Hamptons-land got some insider info that might explain what's going on? If so, feel free to send an Email to As always, anonymity is guaranteed.

Update: According to a source, Mr. Bloomberg did, in fact, purchase the property. He's currently in the middle of the years-long restoration project to bring the grounds and house up-to-date. And now you know.

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Ballyshear Estate

117 Whites Lane, Southampton, NY 11968