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Here's The Winning Entry For Our Brunch At Almond Giveaway

We had some great submissions for our contest to win brunch at Almond, but one stood out amongst the crowd. Maybe we're just big ol' softy, but we just couldn't deny this tale of young, long-distance love:

"My boyfriend and I are recent college grads who have had to move far away from one another to follow the careers we want. He somehow landed in the Hamptons (I know, lucky guy...) and now we are 9-10 hours away from each other without a lot of vacation days between us for travel. We see each other for about two days at a time with a month or more between visits and it's tough being apart for so long! I've been saving up my vacation days for a trip to see him this summer and this brunch sounds awesome. We could round up a couple of his friends and make a morning of it. And like I said, we're recent college grads so fancy breakfast usually amounts to huevos rancheros in one of our kitchens. A nice brunch and a mimosa pre-travel would probably take the sting out of saying goodbye for the month, too."Enjoy your brunch (and time with the beau)!

Almond Restaurant

1 Ocean Road, Bridgehampton, NY 11932 Visit Website