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Here's The House That Drove Architect Frank Greenwald Insane

[Photo Credit: Architectural Digest]

Hamptonites can be pretty exhausting to deal with sometimes, so you'd think successful East End architect Frank Greenwald would be prepared for even the toughest customer. Not so! Turns out Frank Greenwald was no match for Frank Greenwald. When the architect purchased a parcel of waterfront land in Noyac (records show he paid $1.880 million for the half-acre property), he wasn't quite sure what type of house he wanted to build for himself. Greenwald tells Architectural Digest:

There's all this pressure. What is he going to build? What is it going to look like? You have so many ideas in your head. Singling out one is very difficult.Fortunately, he was able to pick something, and the result is quite pleasing. Greenwald went with a more modernist point of view, the result of which includes paired down moldings and bold windows. If you're familiar with Greenwald's work, then you know he typically sticks to the traditional architecture common to the Hamptons. Turns out, however, that the architect always wanted to dabble with modern architecture, but was afraid he'd, you know, screw it up for the customer. But now that he's added this feather to his cap (seriously, it's in his portfolio and everything), we're sure there will be a lot more where this came from.

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