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Georgica Cottage Gets Its First Chop, Now $500K Cheaper

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[Aerial photo credit: Alex Ferrone]

This two-bedroom number hit the market a little more than two months ago, but the owners have already introduced it to the pricechopper's blade. After this weekend's cut for half a million, they're now hoping for $3.495M.

When we first wrote about the place back in April, most Curbed readers didn't agree with our assessment that the 1500 sq. ft. home set on .3 acres might have some trouble getting the almost $4M asking price. Because of its location on Georgica Pond (which truly is lovely) and the fact it belongs to the Georgica Pond Association, they felt it would have no problem finding a buyer. Only one commenter thought they were pricing themselves out of contention, barring a purchase from the homeowners nearby:

"It may be worth $4mm to a (much) larger neighbor if only to reduce the density - such as it is - that much further and bolster privacy. Other than the neighbors, they'll be lucky to get $2mm since you likely can't build a bigger structure on the tiny lot. Location is great, but come on."So...will this new pricetag get the job done or can we expect to see another chop in the near future? · Listing: 9 Association Road [Sotheby's International Realty]