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In EH, A Four-Bedroom Traditional On 1.65 Acres For $499K

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Let's get the obvious out of the way: Someone should have straightened this place up a little bit before taking the listing photos.

However, if you forgive the clutter, this looks like a pretty solid Under 500K listing on Three Mile Harbor Road. Weighing in at 2800 sq. ft., the four-bedroom home offers a decent looking kitchen (the stainless steel appliances go a long way), a nice little balcony off the main bedroom, a pair of bathrooms, and an attached garage. While the house ain't half bad, the biggest selling point of this little biddy is its proximity to the village and lot size. It's about 10 minutes away and it offers 1.65 acres. With that much land, we can see why the brokerbabble notes that the place lends "itself to any addition you have in mind."

· Listing: Traditional East Hampton Home [Nest Seekers]