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Martha Clara Vineyards Founder Looking For $10M In Montauk

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Robert Entenmann?formerly of the eponymous baked goods company and now running Martha Clara Vineyards?is hoping that his Montauk residence hits all the right notes. He's asking $9,999,999 for the oceanfront home.

And what does almost $10M get you in Montauk these days? A 3000 sq. ft. house with 180-degree views of the Atlantic, four en suite bedrooms, each with its own private balcony, and one being a separate apartment with its own living area. There's a large open kitchen, a living area and den (both with their own fireplaces), and a deck with a private staircase that leads to 135 feet of beach.

· Listing: Montauk Oceanfront [Saunders]