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Ben Pundole Out At King & Grove, Ruschmeyer's

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Ah...promises. They're only good when you actually keep them, ya know. That's what King & Grove found out last week when Ben Pundole?responsible for Montauk's wildly successful Ruschmeyer's?abruptly resigned from the company via Email.

After the company owners promised Mr. Pundole "ownership and control of the company" that never materialized, he decided to take his talents elsewhere. So where is Mr. Pundole off to? The NY Post is reporting that he'll be working with Ian Schrager, co-founder and co-owner of Studio 54 and co-founder of the Morgan's Hotel Group. No word on what he'll be doing at the Ian Schrager Company, but if he wants to try his hand recreating the success of Ruschmeyer's, there's a nice little listing in Montauk that might do the trick.

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