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Amagansett Post-Modern Decides It Wasn't Asking Enough

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When we wrote about this five-bedroom post-modern back in May, we were curious to know whether it was priced right at $2.995M. While the results of our poll pointed to the need of a pricechop?almost 60% thought the ask was too high?many of the commenters actually kind of liked the place. A few thought it could use a little staging, but the size (6000 sq. ft. on over 5 acres), the views and its location near a reserve were generally viewed as positives. However, we can't imagine anyone would have thought an almost $500K priceup was in order. But, that's just what the owner has decided to do. The ask now? $3.475M. Still less than the $3.8M it was originally going for, but the increase seems like an odd choice during the summer real estate slowdown. If anyone's got an theories that might explain the decision, feel free to share 'em in the comments.

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