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Owners Of This Andrew Geller Cottage Hoping For A Quick Flip

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

After purchasing this 1960s Andrew Geller beach cottage for $950K at the end of September, its owners updated the interiors, "selectively cleared" the five acre property and then put it right back on the market. So what are they hoping all their work is worth? $645K. The home's pricetag is now $1.595M.

The "quirky" home offers a trio of bedrooms (though one looks to be more of a loft), two bathrooms, and all new systems, appliances and fixtures. Sweetening the deal is a gunite pool and pool house with a full bathroom. Interestingly, the brokerbabble notes that the lot is big enough to accomodate a "4500+ s.f. house, garage, second pool and tennis" and you could use the existing structures for guests. Doing so might be a little tricky, though. We can't imagine building anything that complements the design of this place would be easy.

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