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The Hamptons Real Estate Horror Show, Now In Book Form

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For those looking for a little summer reading, can't get enough of how ridiculous Hamptons real estate can be, and aren't interested in following @HamptonsBorn on Twitter, consider picking up a copy of The Hamptons Real Estate Horror Show. Penned by a pair of long-time real estate agents under the name "Anonymous Times Two" (they do still work in the industry, mind you), the book offers a biting account of their experience dealing with, as one of the mystery author's put it, "the obnoxious people out here." Here's just one of the more tame examples:

"My wife was awakened at five-thirty this morning by the birds!"
"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that, but what would you like me to do?"

"Have them eliminated."The paperback, available at Amazon and Bookhampton, is filled with enough head-shaking and draw-dropping anecdotes to almost make you feel bad for what the agents are forced to put up with out here. Considering the not-so-great opinion many people have for the profession, that's no small feat. · A Hamptons Horror Show [East Hampton Star]
· The Hamptons Real Estate Horror Show [Amazon]