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Your Barn Is Blocking My View Of Your Farm, NIMBYism 101

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A stop work order has been issued for the barn that a Wainscott farm owner was in the process of building. Taking issue with the construction are the neighbors?Tom and Shelly Gilbert?whose "main complaint was that the barn blocked their view of scenic farm vistas."

It would be easy to cast the Gilberts as villains, but the case is actually a little more complicated than a couple moving next to a farm and then getting upset when farming occurs. The Town of East Hampton and the Peconic Land Trust purchased the development rights for the 20 acre property back in 2006 and determined that part of the property would be set aside for agricultural buildings that support farming the barn in question. However, since it was a town purchase, any new construction would be required to go through the Town Board. The farm owner only got the go ahead from Planning and Architectural Review boards.

Unfortunately, before the matter could even go before the Town Board for a public hearing, the Gilberts filed suit in New York State Supreme Court bringing everything to a screeching halt. Now the barn sits, about 80% done, while the legal proceedings delay its completion. So, uh, maybe you can go ahead and cast them as villains.

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