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The "Moonlight Suites" At The Montauk Beach House

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

If the first pictures of the Montauk Beach House's new rooms weren't enough to sate your boutique hotel appetite, perhaps these photos of the "Moonlight Suites" will get the job done. Much like the images we previously offered, these show a completely transformed space that seems to be every bit as luxurious as Chris Jones and Larry Siedlick set out to create. Remember what the place used to look like? Improvement is an understatement.

As for when you can book rooms...we're still waiting to hear. However, since the website is scheduled to launch on Friday, it's a pretty safe bet you'll be able to schedule a stay then. We'll make sure to update as soon as we know.

For now, Guest of a Guest has a few details of what the new hotel will be offering:

· "The Montauk Beach House lobby will have glass doors that open to the street, and a café which will offer baked breads and pastries.

· Number 50 is the hotel's half-acre private-membership beach club with hardwood decking, 60 individual cabana beds, 2 swimming pools, a daily grill, and specialty cocktails.

· There are 33 bedrooms, ranging from $300 to $650 in price. The types of rooms include 11ft ceilings and private balconies, and some offer a 200 square foot private outdoor garden. You can expect cast iron beds, Edison lighting, crushed Italian velvet drapes, and claw foot bathtubs with oil rubbed bronze faucets.

· The Montauk Beach House will host DJs regularly, and the outdoor beach club will also feature a pop-up shop showcasing luxury women's wear brand Minnie Rose."

Update: It looks like the website has already launched, but it's low on functionality (meaning you can't book rooms). Looks like they're still working out the kinks. · All Montauk Beach House coverage [Curbed Hamptons]
· Everything You Need To Know: More Details About The Montauk Beach House [Guest of a Guest]