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Surviving The Hamptons, A Few Helpful Tips From Readers

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It's becoming quite obvious that no matter what question we ask during the weekly "Thursday Open Thread," there's going to be some local vs. cityfolk sniping. Like getting stuck in summertime traffic, there's really just no way to avoid it. However, a few commenters were able to actually focus on the task at hand this week and offer some pretty great advice for navigating the seasonal waters. Here now, a quick rundown of some of the more useful reader-submitted suggestions.

"Pay attention to the people crossing the street in the villages. Most people think that the crosswalks are optional and will enter the street where ever they want to."

"Likewise, pay attention to the cars who do not stop for you, even when in the crosswalk."

"When turning left or right off of a road, if you can pull your car as far left or right as safely as you can so drivers behind you can pass and you won't back up traffic. Also when turning left from main street [In East Hampton] to newtown lane, pull up into intersection as to allow another two cars tomake each light when it turns red."

"Park where ever you want, the town budget needs the money."

"Map before you go, learn the shortcuts."

"Be smart, get Fresh Direct delivered straight to your BBQ Party. Stop at local stands of farmers."

"Those green flies bite really hard, get used to it."
"Don't jog on Montauk Highway. There are PLENTY of safer and more scenic backroads for you to jog on. Plus you won't be huffing engine exhaust."

"Beware of the deer at dawn and dusk...they are cute but not smart, and will dart in front of your car."

"If you don't have a beach sticker, make friends with someone who does. Makes life a whole lot easier."

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