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East Hampton Six-Bedroom Returns To Market $100K Pricier

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[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

Hoping to put the brakes on the nose-diving pricetag of this six-bedroom home on Georgica Road in East Hampton (it's had four pricechops since September), the owner pulled it from the market at the beginning of May. Now, after taking a little breather, the listing is back...and $100K more expensive. The current ask? $1.95M. Still, even with the slightly raised price, the home is a full $1M less than what it was hoping for back in 2010.

The listing title screams "GEORGICA UNDER 2MILLION!!!" and notes that it's found in the "desirable Georgica section of East Hampton Village." However, it fails to point out exactly where the home is located. Turns out it suffers from an acute case of terrible locationitis?it's #1 Georgica Road, right at the corner of Woods Lane. Might be time to update the part of the brokerbabble that claims the home "will not be on the market long."

· Listing: Georgica Under $2M!!! [Town & Country]