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So Was This Sagaponack Greens Spec House Worth $20M?

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[Photo credit: Property for Sale: 243 Hedges Lane]

For a $20 million house, 243 Hedges Lane of the Sagaponack Greens development has been oddly low-key. The sizable spec house hit the market in 2010, boasting over two acres of land and a renovated 1840s guest house. And it closed less than a year later for $19.250 million without a single stop at the Curbed PriceChopper. What is this, 2007?

Even though there's no dirt on this house (although there happens to be a lot of dirt around it), we can't help but pine over this place. Builder Michael Davis published pictures of the finished product, which lets us compare the actual spread to the original offering plan. (Check it out right here!)The sweeping roof line and sunken living room are great, but this joint isn't even on the ocean. Which leads us to the $20 million question...

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· Design No. 155 [Michael Davis Design & Construction]