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Sag Harbor Three-Bedroom Is Listed At A Loss

[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

We do not envy the owner of this "authentic village whaling cottage" in Sag Harbor whatsoever. After shelling out $1.15M for the place back in 2007, she put it back up for sale at the end of April for $1.095M. Now, after a pricechop last week, she's hoping for $995K. And while the home looks to be as "lovingly cared for" as the brokerbabble suggests?the rain-proof pergola/living space with slate floor in the backyard is a particularly nice detail?we suspect the owner will be forced to go ever lower before finding a buyer. Not only is she in the unenviable position of having bought near the height of the pre-bubbling-bursting market, but the residence is located right next door to Espresso Italian Market. Not exactly the ideal placement for someone looking for the privacy and "resort ambience" mentioned in the listing copy.
· Listing: 33 Henry Street [Corcoran]