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Update: A Pair Of Sagaponack Oceanfronts Have Found Buyers

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Back in March, we noted that this pair of Sagaponack oceanfronts entered into contract over the same weekend. The curious timing led readers to posit all sorts of theories as to who was behind the purchases. Did the owner of the house in the middle buy the pair? Or did someone else pick up both, hoping that the owner of the property between them would agree sell (allowing for for the creation of a mega-compound, a la David Tepper).

Looks like the commenter who put the kibosh on the speculation?"the owner in the middle didn't buy the other houses and isn't selling hers"?was right on the money. According to records, two different LLCs were responsible for the buys.

Listing: Sagaponack Oceanfront [Corcoran]
Buyer: JDR81, LLC
Address: 81 Potato Lane
Asking Price: $9.75M
Sold For: $9.4M

Listing: Oceanfront In Sagaponack [Corcoran]
Buyer: 61 Potato Road, LLC
Address: 61 Potato Lane
Asking Price: $8.495M
Sold For: $6.65M