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Moar Cupcakes

With the Tate-Witch, Dolce Nirvana, Momofuku's Montauk pop-up, and Mary's Marvelous in East Hampton all premiering this summer, the Southfork's pretty heavy with new sweet treat options. However, Hamptons Cupcake Lounge (make sure to turn your speakers down) promises that you can still indulge without the need for additional spin classes. Officially launched for the 2012 season, the company offers 27 varieties of "low-fat, low-calorie, low-carbohydrate and low-sugar cupcakes" for sale online or at the Hayground School and Southampton farmers markets. Not sure if they're as good as their full-fat counterparts, but we know at least one person who'll be happy to hear the news. [Curbed Hamptons]