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Amagansett's 56 Seabreeze Lane Has Found A Buyer

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It looks like Lisbeth Salander lording over the kitchen wasn't a deterrence in finding a buyer for this modern beach house in Amagansett. The four-bedroom home?owned by fashion photographer Don Ashby, hence the artwork?is now listed as "In Contract."

When we wrote about the listing's $205K pricechop back in January, one commenter thought that since it occurred only three months after the home hit the market, the "sellers are motivated and the price will be closer to 3 than 4 when all said and done." Even if the home does eventually changes hands so far south of the $3.995M asking price, Mr. Ashby stands to come away with a hefty return on the deal. He paid a little less than $1.8M for the place back in 2004.

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