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Reader Comments

Last week was a busy one for the Curbed Hamptons commentariat. Here's a quick rundown of their more memorable additions to the digital conversation:

WHAT MAKES A LOCAL?: "you are a local when you find yourself loathing the onslaught of summer interlopers from the city...and find yourself bitching about it with your fave cashier at waldbaums, and then both whinge about how terrible it can get and in the next breath realize their money is what keeps the area afloat..."

IT'S FOR A GOOD CAUSE: "It's much less about the house than the designers. At least this place is easy to get to, unlike that Brick Kiln place a couple of years ago. Remember this is a charity event! Easy access is relevant and it isn't that easy to find someone willing to gIve up their house for 5 months."

A CALL FOR CIVILITY: "The local tradesmen love the work they get from the NYC second home owners. Our taxes pay for the municipal services and schools. We all try to shop from local merchants, it is good for everyone. A little more respect from all would help."

SO YOU DON'T LIKE IT: "what a dump. 699,000? MAYBE" · "499 if you can find someone on crack" · "plow it down"

HEEL ESTATE: "Boring. Another 'custom' Farrell home that is some how exactly the same as every other custom home built since 'Something's Gotta Give Give' came out in 2003. It's been 10 years... don't you think we should building something else by now?"