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A Three-Bedroom Cottage In Springs For $379K

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Looking at the exterior shots of this three-bedroom, we were curious as to why it was priced at $379K?rather low, even for Springs. It's set on .25 acres, got some nice custom decking, and the shingled siding looks to be newly installed. It's not a show-stopper, but it offers a respectable amount of curb appeal.

Then we got to the inside of the 1400 sq. ft. home. Oof. Ceramic flooring, a hurtin' kitchen (even if the cabinets are custom), a sad looking fireplace and a less-than-ideal paint job in a few of the bedrooms. Still, there are hardwood floors in much of the house and the living room boasts a high ceiling with skylights. So, it's got that going for it. All that's needed now is a little (maybe a lot of) TLC.

· Listing: East Hampton Cottage [Brown Harris Stevens]