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After 1.5 Years, A "Zen Masterpiece" In Wainscott Finds A Buyer

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The last time we wrote about this Will Sharp-renovation project, the reader reaction was mixed. Some fawned over the four-bedroom listing ("Zen never looked so sweet."), some were indifferent ("I think that the house looks great from the outside but the inside is pretty dull and boring ..."), and some were underwhelmed ("What a 'cheap looking' reno... the Home Depot asphalt shingles scream 1.2MM max!").

Well, it looks like someone must have taken a liking to the place. After hitting the market in November of 2010, the $2.65M modernist ranch is finally listed as In Contract. Now that a buyer has been lined up, anyone care to offer a guess as to the final purchase price?

· Listing: Simplicity Awaits [Saunders]