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The Hamptons Players Club is taking its commitment to "polo-themed ambiance" seriously. This summer, they've tapped Michael Kors for their staff uniforms. Out in the beer garden, the worker bees are dressed in "white denim shorts, aviators and wedges" (must be uncomfortable for the male staff) while the hostesses in the VIP Lounge (aka "The Trophy Room"...seriously) are rocking "polo-style grass-green mini-dresses." Still no word on if they're going to change the name of the restaurant to something that doesn't elicit groans from almost everyone who hears it.

Update: The original version of this post said that The Hamptons Players Club "teamed up with" Michael Kors to outfit their staff. Our wording was not as precise as it should have been as no partnership between the two entities exists. Regardless, it seems as though HPC will no longer outfitting their staff in the "latest jet set styles" that are the hallmark of the Michael Kors brand. We sincerely regret the poor choice of phrasing. [Curbed Hamptons]