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Fairest Of Them All: The Hamptons' Best Towns

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Based upon the responses from last week's Thursday Open Thread, if the Curbed Cup was held tomorrow, it looks like Sag Harbor would still retain the top spot?but not by much. Here are a few of our favorite answers to the question: Which Is The Hamptons' Best Town?

"Sag Harbor has only gotten better since the poll, new restaurants have opened up and it's the only town that has a real year round community and modest people in the summer."

"Yup, I'm gonna go with Amagansett as well. It's quaint but still has a very vibrant (music) scene, and a couple of great restaurants and watering holes without the pretentious Hamptons nonsense. I'd say it is truly the un-Hampton?Sag Harbor having lost that title a long time ago."

"Southampton Village. Cosmopolitan, old money but not as in-your-face pretentious as other towns, diverse mix of people (old, young, rich, not so rich, black, white, Asian), good mix of restuarants and shops - some outrageously expensive though, great beaches, picture perfect lanes by the oceans."

"Easily Bridgehampton. Quaint, best restaurants, convenient, wide open country feel, and getting better with the new restoration work going on now."

"Sagaponack. Fewest houses, Most open vista farm field acreage, least commercial uses, only public golf course, nicest uncrowded beaches, best CENTRAL location to SH, EH, SH and Bridgehampton. What more do you want?"

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