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Do Not Come To The Hamptons If You're Handicapped

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Memorial Day marks the start of a fresh season in the Hamptons, which means there are all sorts of new things to experience, from restaurants and shops to ways for people to be ridiculously rude.

To wit, all over the East End this past weekend, we noticed a pattern of very non-handicapped people taking very clearly marked handicapped parking spaces, like this family of four bouncing out of their late-model BMW at Townline BBQ on Friday night. Just moments after they parked, a real handicapped person pulled into the lot, but they were forced to park hundreds of feet away on Townline Road instead since the BMW was in the last available spot.

This sort of inconsiderate behavior is normally reserved for the month of August, so if it's starting so early in the season this year, we shudder to think what's in store for the weeks and months ahead.

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Townline BBQ

3593 Montauk Highway, , NY 11962 (631) 537-2271 Visit Website