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Amagansett Oceanfront Gets Chop #1 And It's A Doozy

[Photo credit: Chris Foster]

When we wrote about this oceanfront home late last year, the shills were out in full force in the comment section. It's a nice enough home to be sure, but the readers went a little overboard in singing its praises. One went so far as to say they'd offer "them an extra $1 Million just to leave all of the furnishings in there." Maybe they have a thing for wicker furniture and decorative bowls.

Guess the anonymous comments didn't help the cause because the 4000 sq. ft. Tuscan-style villa was just introduced to the pricechopper's blade?and in a rather dramatic fashion. It was originally listed for $9.7M, but a cut this weekend dropped that down to $7.9M (about 19%). Considering the how low some oceanfront homes need to go before finding a buyer, we expect it won't be the last time this seller is forced to drop the price.

· Listing: Amagansett Oceanfront [Sotheby's International Realty]