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Big Reveal: How Much To Rent This Bridgehampton Oceanfront?

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Location: 95 Surfside Drive, Bridgehampton
Rental Price: $340,000 (MD - LD)

There was a little confusion as to whether or not this four-bedroom was actually available for rent this season. Soon after we posted, a commenter informed us that it recently sold and that the buyers had already moved in. Odd, considering that the listing still appears on the sites of several agencies. However, we asked around and one of our agency contacts informed us that it had, in fact, changed hands earlier this month. We're still waiting on confirmation from the broker responsible for the deal, but word is that it sold for the full $16.95M asking price. We'll make sure to update when we get all the details.

As for the guesses, the couple that readers offered?$300K and $325K?were relatively close to the $340K pricetag that, at some point, the previous owners were asking.

· Listing: Bridgehampton Oceanfront [Saunders]