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We've Got Another Contender For Biggest Sale Of The Year

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It's been a little we've heard news of a $20M+ listing moving into contract, but our daily visit to HREO just changed all that. This massive Wainscott property just found a buyer.

It was originally listed for a mind boggling $57M, but a few chops and a change in the number of acres offered?down from 18.5 to a still huge 14.6?led to the still hefty final asking price of $35M. The property (which has been with the same family for several generations) consists of two homes, a 21-stall horse barn, a storage barn and workshop, fenced paddocks and sand riding arena with viewing stand. Then there's the frontage on Wainscott Pond and views of the Atlantic Ocean. Pretty, pretty nice.

No word on the buyer, but if you've got some info, you know where to send it. Also, guesses for the final purchase price are always welcome in the comments.

(Best viewed in Full Screen mode) · Listing: Ocean Views & Frontage on Wainscott Pond [Sotheby's]