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If A Whole Foods Opens And No One Goes, Will It Be Seasonal?

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Well, this is surprising. The much-anticipated opening of The Whole Foods FARM Stand kinda seems like it was a bust. We were expecting Walmart on Black Friday and what we got, well, what we got is The Hamptons during the offseason. Maybe it was the rain that kept the organic produce- and hormone-free milk-loving masses away (it's kind of miserable out here today).

A reader sent us the following message this morning: "Drove by Whole Foods at 7:50. No line or even any cars. Lots of people putting the final touches on [the] store." The hard workin' editor of East Hampton's Patch actually made it out to the store and noted that:

"...there wasn't exactly a line around the block waiting for the doors to open at 8 a.m. There were, however, dozens of local and corporate employees putting the finishing touches on everything from the canopy outside to setting up the vegetables."Of course, expect this all to change once the season starts (we still think it's going to be insanely busy/a traffic nightmare), but as it stands right now, getting your health food fix doesn't look like it'll be too big of a hassle. · Whole Foods Opens its Doors on South Fork [Patch]
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