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Reader Comments

Less than a week until Memorial Day weekend, folks. So, while we gear up for our 2012 summer preview, here's a quick rundown of comments from the week before the madness begins. Enjoy!

IT'S RIGHT NEXT TO NARNIA: "Nice view from the master bedroom into Photoshop Land."

CLEANUP ON COBBLERS COURT: " is NEVER a good sign about how a house is built/maintained if there is visible moss growing on the roof in the first exterior listing photo. Yikes! Powerwash that roof, please!"

NITPICKERS, UNITE!: "They can't even build in the damn ice machine and wine cooler. just slid into the cabinet openings. pretty cheap."

$1000/SQ. FT? COME ON!: "It looks like they spent $1mm on the lot. Are we supposed to believe they paid, say, $1000/ sq foot on the construction? I'm all for spec builders making a return, but come on."

IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS: "Ah ha! It was the random tea kettle in the bushes that closed the deal. When they burn this place to the ground I hope someone saves that tea kettle and all of the good karma it channeled to get this price."