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Are These Two Listings Describing The Same House?!

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We were poking around HREO when this new-to-market four-bedroom in Wainscott popped up. The listing is notable not for the price (it's asking $2.295M) nor for it's acreage (.5), but for how dramatically different the agents representing the property have chosen to describe it.

Sotheby's Tara Newman begins her brokerbabble with, "Touches of true Americana abound in this rambling country home." Myles Reilly from Saunders says it's a "distinctive Post Modern [with] a decidedly French twist." Kind of looks like a pretty basic shingle-style traditional to us. What do you think?

Listing: South Of The Highway Charm With North Of The Highway Price [HREO]
· Listing: Wainscott South [Saunders]